What we do

Haos Film is filmmaker-driven company.
Since 2007, we have produced and supported cinema, documentaries, installation art, and large-scale projection experiences.

Production & Co-production expertise

We are independent filmmakers ourselves, with intimate knowledge of European and global industry and financing landscape.

Line producing services

We know the Greek landscape and the local film industry. 
We know the best places to shoot and the best people to hire.
We can expertly navigate the newly formed Greek Cash Rebate.

Postproduction services

We have our own editing and color-grading facility in the heart of downtown Athens. We also have a wide range of distinguished collaborators in Sound Post Production and VFX.

Our veteran editor, colorist and designer Matt Johnson has 25 years of experience in digital postproduction.  

Recent films finished at Haos include Buck RunFirefliesEnd of Life, The Great EasternChevalierand A Day in the Life

We provide:

  • DaVinci grading on a calibrated monitor for shorts or features 

  • Title and credits design 

  • Subtitling assistance 

  • DCP authoring (with or without encryption) 

  • DCP test projection in a state-of-the-art cinema 

  • DCDM mastering